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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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let's look your fog trucker off we are looking at fog for the north bay also these they is well-off. >> grief counselors will vienna high schools this morning following are rollover on friday that killed one student entering for other 16 your driver is being charged with suspicion of drunk driving. it happened friday morning when the car they slammed into a tractor- trailer. to. empty beer cans and liquor bottles inside the bmw >> latest in this gas line explosion pg&e is rid of leasing a list of 100 high risk natural gas lines. two of the lines in
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the north part of the sierra crest milpitas as the holder to of pipelines of concern. they ask for the last which could be released today. the gas line explosion at causing fire that destroyed 37 homes. if first lawsuit against pg&e from that. president that was evacuated has filed suit saying they should turn over $100 million to a third-party and pay other damages. it claims pg&e could withdraw withhold funding for not follow through if that money is not in a supervised account. >> so snow 680 congestion pricing is open if you got paid to get into the express lane. it is a long and carpool lane where if as you see here on google or
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the will of drivers to use car cloth if they pay with a fast track. here's why you need to know. the new hours 5 i a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. must have a valid fast-track costing between 30¢ and said that to $6 depending on how heavy the traffic consisted clark pulled drivers if you don't want a get charged. when you got this static shield beg you need to beg to hide your fast track so does not beat when you're in that lane. violators the ticket $381. to get you more newscasters jackie's this'll watching the new plane this morning chris >> and could morning mark it's been open for on that was your
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kid to see traffic coming down in fremont it's the far right hand lane. that is the tolling we are talking about. we haven't seen a lot of people in it yet. there are signs an entry points at all the on ramp to the freeway. it will tell you how much it will cost you to get into that polling. right now is $1. as congestion picks up we may see that go up. >> thank you jackie will check in later. if an update on bay area freeways with erica. >> 15 minutes or delays the good news is that non to new directions for richmond and dublin and pleasanton. it is because of trackside problems. we just have residual delays. bridge check for you no problems at the toll plaza we are seeing
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a bit of weight in some of the cash lanes. traffic is building looking better than we saw the conditions last week. snow back up on all purchase. those me during lights are off right now. 9-10 minutes from the foot of the maze to a fremont street. gifts of no problems making your way through some detailed conditions slightly thicker. the taillights making their way and the commute direction towards foster city their bright lights into hayward right now 14 minutes across the span. the goldenççó gate bridge is fog deicide but no problemsi] for yourself bound ride a lot of san francisco 23 minute trip right now. 580 looking like a 10 minute ride. six 05 a.m. let's
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check'l֖ on the forecast. >> there is a bit of warm up from yesterday but as we head through the next couple ofxd das we will cooling-off here's a look those are great now we are going to deal with warmer temperatures and the afternoon changes can get after the first default. current have the jurors sitting in the '50s and '60s 63 for oakland hayward, and the amount of new 63 san jose your 10:00 hour brings the '60s and '70s. afternoon highs today topping out in the '70s even some ladies out there some inland spots and then cooling it back down by the 7:00 hour. your afternoon highs bringing us to 70 for santa rosa, 68 in san francisco, through livermore valley also into antioch and morgan hill. the afternoon getting into 81 around the bay.
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see, we have a cooling trend. after the first day of fall on thursday we actually warm enough heading towards friday in your weekend. >> of course you do it's wacky we've lost the barometer. lets take a peek at the creek right now traffic is nice and light we will be right back. [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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later this afternoon. >> opening bellç in wall street stock futures are rock this morning after ending friday at a positive note. whiles treata averages in positive territory for the year. homebuilders is releasing september housing market index. oracle is now selling servers see all showed off his new machine over the weekend auricle is in competition with ibm and h-p for server cells. >> bay area home sales were the lowest in 18 years. there were down by 1% from last month more than 10% from last year. so none of county had the largest drop çalmost 20 percent. çnapa wase only county where honda sales were higher. the median price of a home is $366,000 down $25,000
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from july. we will >> be right back his news continues. a live look at the san mateo bridge ringel traffic continues. a live look at the san mateo bridge ringel traffic moving at the speed limit. ans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad. saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined.
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the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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the fog is expected to lift quickly bring off a low temperatures to warm up slightly from yesterday. oakland at 63 degrees by noontime upper 60s i today in oakland low '70s back down in to the upper 60s by 8:00 p.m. fog this morning patchy for the state also through pockets of the livermore valley and the north bay as well. it will left quickly. as you head to the east
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bay we are into the '60s this morning for 63 for oakland upper 50s for fremont 60 in san jose. as we head through the day continuing to see more sixties by the 10:00 hour by noontime warming into the '70s. then warming it up into the '70s and '80s for your afternoon highs cooling down again by 7:00 p.m. your afternoon hollings 78 santa rosa and up, '80s in concord and fairfield, down into the south bay temperatures into the '80s. 80 in through livermore but there is a cool down. look at how much cooler they are by wednesday it will be chilly out there. and the reverse of what you would happen after the first day of fall we warm up back into
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the 90s by saturday. fifth 6:16 a.m. check on your commute. >> hi way for out of any of the typical slowing between loans you way. speeds dipping to 80 mi. an hour and a slow spots. your ride recovers towards pittsburgh. on soak with rich hath we are sitting back up through the cache lines. eighth all other approaches looking well. meter light still sleep cycles off. 10 minutes across the span. çno problem sisters n mateo taillights moving without delay in the commute direction towards foster city. tracking and decent 14 minutes across this ban. a live look at the golden gate bridge foggy out there but traffic was everything
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is moving well. had lacemaking norway southbound a bottle in san francisco 23 minute trip highway 37 on 580 just a 10 minute ride. those are delays have finally recovered everything is running on time for public transit. >> budget cuts have eliminated violent crime unit in the violent crime unit supports patrol officers in combating game activity. the chief says shutting it down does not mean the department is giving the green light to gang mac activity they have merged with the metro unit. >> after eight years of cuts there's no place to cut. the messages we are not stopping doing in tidying enforcement but there's no way we can do it at the same level. you cannot cut 90 people out of your force or a person of your department and
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not have something fall off the table. >> the place of pressure will continue on active gain. but lower level. fifth >> after the discovery of three pipe bombs that nimrod was evacuated and two pipe bombs were detonated. you can see what is left it one of those bombs here. they took away the third one. they discovered the bomb making materials after responding to an argument. 36 year-old eric who was staying at the home was arrested he is being held on $650,000 bill. this man 68 year-çold marco is recoveringç from severe beating after attacked and robbed by fisherman's wharf. he was leaving a restaurant where is a waiter when three people jumped
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to a man robbed him. he's worried criminals are targeting food service workers because they usually carry their tip money. >> death after being released on the bail sarah the woman held captive in ironic is backing united states. she only feels one-third free because her fiance and said their fellow french are still both in jail. >> shame and just do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crimes. we are not spies. we no way intended any harm to the government or its people. we believe a huge misunderstanding
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led to our detention and imprisonment. >> after she spoke she hugged her mom as well as the mom of shame and josh. both women were clutching their sons pictures. iran said it will put the two men on trial though. >> we will have more in the east bay with the opening of the express lane you can pay to go in the carpool lane. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp,
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carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this msage.
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[ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. so while fire in utah rain now. it has burned down to own homes. this plane the flames spread. after dry brush caught fire during an ulterior s
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>> palo alto is our eighth today hearing on whether not genetically enhanced salmon should be sold at a store near you. if yes it could be the genetic first genetic animal allowed to be sold. it is as safe teeth as a regular salmon but the issue is whether or not the government will allow the salmon to be marketed. >> igor is passing bermuda leaving a good number of people up without electricity. there is no initial reports on any damage. it is that category one hurricane could still cause strong recurrence of along the eastern seaboard. >> 13 members of the cult have been sound. the group from palmdale had been missing since saturday they left behind letters saying they are waiting
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for the end of the world. that led authorities to worry they were contemplating a mass suicide. all 13 were found yesterday morning near palmdale. the leader has been hospitalized for mental evaluation. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes starting off with some beautiful shots here this is from out tam tam we are looking at pretty nice forecast warming upon. the closer we get to the official start of fall the war we get go figure. will be right back. instrumental music ]
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6:28 a.m. up peaked at the golden gate bridge. traffic getting heavier here rain the of the current temperature in san francisco 56 degrees looking for high of 68. watching >> the opening bell about to ring european stocks were higher futures are planning positive this morning. everybody else waiting for the federal reserve's policy meeting which is coming back tomorrow. it is up about half a percentage point we will follow the numbers through the morning. >> let's talk about what's your commute today solo drivers can start using the carpool lane only on a special stretch of 680 between milpitas and pleasanton. you have to pay for it toll costs will vary between the real-time traffic levels you could pay up to $6 in the heaviest traffic. it will be in
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effect from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. monday through friday. you can use the morning or when your way home. it is 14 mi. long. there are three and 3.1 that highway 84 as in all, mission boulevard, and ogle mall parkway. current. joining us to talk about how the six bristling works is david. tell me are we looking at a piece of it behind you there. >> it is the southbound i 682 starting to pick up traffic for the morning commute. >> how much is the right now? >> right now it is the dollar is the minimum toll during morning commute. >> i guess what i have to
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figure what kind of time can you save on the 14 mi. stretch for blocks verses say at the peak what you would save at the sixth bulk rate. >> the traffic rises and falls and the toll rises and falls with it. the lowest rate your getting a reliable trips and not sure how much faster you will be going but there will be reliability of knowing it sun unimpeded trip. the important about the link it is separated from other traffic by two solid white lines. you won't have people coming in and out like in other car pool lanes. >> to lines are not in a stop me. i assume you have a lot of police officers out there this morning. >> chp is stepping up
6:32 am
enforcement. >> i would think there would be an electronic bill that would bring. >> there is electronics that chp sees but not belle's yet. >> so they do have a way to detect that there are fare evaders in there. >> chp will be able to see of valid fast track on lanes. if we don't have a solid track fast- track they will see it yet more than two people in the car. if you do not have a valid fast- track and there's only one of you then go be enforcement. >> what a fine mess in i'm in the middle of traffic and i decide he add have fast-track and just and over now. >> then you're crossing a double life lying and it is a
6:33 am
violation. there are three entry points and that strict at some point there's no cutting in and out. >> will we will see about that what we. >> there will be a learning curve this is the first one in california and this is the first day. we expect a learning curve and people getting used to and over the next few days. >> and if i lost that beg have you been handing a lot of those bags a pass out the you put your test tracking. >> easy don't have it from when you got your told originally. >> nobody has that. i sit on it. nobody has that begged. >> this is probably in your glove compartment. think you days. >> we are talking about fast- track at the bay bridge the number of drivers using fast
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track has doubled in the past four years at least that's what examiners' reporting this morning according to the record 77 the person of morning drivers use fast track during morning commute in 2006 only 36 percent had the device. evening commute rates increased to 69% a share. the maximum delay for drivers crossing the bridge has decreased to 10 minutes this year. author >> what looks like the way it has begun at the bay bridge toll plaza the back of the most of the cash lanes in the fast track lanes headed west bound looks like the back f)san delays extending pass the parking lot. 880 approach is probably your gfg and that may have changed ;expects sixt( minutes delays making your way heading towards the city right now. no problem
6:35 am
on the san mateo bridge highway 92 looksç great those taillighs making the way in the can the direction towards foster city the headlights eastbound he were right nowç no problems are dels in either direction clocking 14 minutes from and to end. no delays at the golden gate bridge traffic moving at the limit right now for yourself bound ride coming for marin in this san francisco. but still looked at cross down truck traffic. everything moving well here meteoroid toward the peninsula headed eastbound towards the lower deck of the bay bridge also pretty good ride right now a quick reminder howard street between third and fourth is closed this week. 6:35 a.m. a check on your forecast. >> toccata there is fog of this morning. you to see downtown san francisco over test conditions
6:36 am
still seeing low cloud cover out there but as you have towards the afternoon along temperatures are going to start to warmouth compared yesterday appeared some changes to talk about after the first day of fall which kicks in thursday. here's a look outside to give me an ideal for the fog is patchy in nature but sitting over the golden gate bridge also through the spays falling to the livermore valley. patchy fog in to the fourth day in to petaluma also think this san rose m. morgenthau. we continued to see a list quickly. staying clear in the north bay and having tortured and o'clock hour will mixed out dissipating towards 11:00 a.m.. your temperature is right now still and the '50s in san francisco 55 for san rafael 56 in sawill warm up to 78 in sa rosa today napa fairfield
6:37 am
concord into the low 80s also into low eighties through the low livermore valley. livermore 82 degrees, 70 around the bay. the 7 day around today shows a cooling trend of and then the reverse of what you expect. much warmer right after the official first day of fall. >> will again be the latest on this san bruno gas line explosion. pg & e is preparing to release a list of 100 high- risk natural gas line segments and san jose keith leaders have already been told two of those lines are in the north part of the city. pg&e also says milpitas also has two pipelines of concern. the california public utilities commission asked pg&e for the list, which could be released as thought early as monday. the san jose mercury-news says the utility informed san jose on sunday about the two lines under the san francisco bay area's largest >> how risky are these lines in
6:38 am
where they exactly? that's where the frustrating thing is pg&e is not saying. this knife according to associated press cities of san jose and milpitas were informed they have a couple. pipelines of concern. their location is secret until they make public later on today. that has been a frustrating part for leaders they don't know, what particles in the to put in place because they don't know where they are, and number to the cause has not been confirmed in to a get that information they don't know what changes need to make. all we know is they were notified earlier this year that intersection was the location of high pipeline that needed to be fixed by 2012 was is one of the two pipelines that were unveiled
6:39 am
over the weekend your not sure yet. and we won't know until later this afternoon. stay tuned we will have continuing coverage of the gas line explosion. we have comprehensive coverage of the story there. [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern. following developments out of novato this morning. grief counselors will be on hand today after one of five novato high school juniors was killed in an apparent alcohol-related carrying all five male students was traveling west on novato boulevard at bowman canyon creek just before noon on friday when it spun out of control and was struck by a big rig with thousands of pounds of live cattle inside. one teen was pronounced dead at the scene. >> this week was supposed to be severe week but because of the accident homecoming has been cancelled until next month. she says it easily could of been my
6:43 am
daughter was a senior at the school. grief counselors will be here to talk to students and encouraging parents to be here to get through this tough time at novato high school. >> that team driver was among the four injured he is expected to survive one student is in critical condition. to survive one student is in critical condition. >> will be rid of the mansion and the limo to survive one student is in critical condition. >> will be budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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south pg&e a list of 100 high- risk natural gas line segments and san jose leaders have already been told two of those lines are in the north part of the city. pg&e also says milpitas also has two pipelines of concern. th12 days ago in the explosion that killed several people in
6:47 am
burned down 37 homes. >> bay area has the first express lane 680 the commute plane. the jovian link that you can stay where fast-track today. if you're-car fuller you need to cover your fast track. in is a 14 mi. stretch between milpitas and pleasanton. but its heavy the tolkien getting to $6. >> budget cuts has eliminated violent crime unit supports patrol officers in combating gang-nativities. police pressure on the 50 active gains will continue but lower-level crimes are no longer going to be the focus of the specialized units. >> 647 a quick weather update.
6:48 am
mount him this morning dealing with low clouds out there some patchy fog but should live pretty quickly we are seeing clear conditions as well. 56 in san francisco by noon 64 high today as 68 degrees. kalinin down by 8:00 p.m. to 59 degrees. fog trucker showing us where the fog is really settled in around the golden gate bridge also through the east bay moving in through livermore valley the fog through petaluma and settled in for inter-american help. 56 san francisco 63 further ease to going to oakland hayward 61 in for livermore and upper 50s and through mountain view. your 10:00 hour we continue with '60s warming it up into the '70s by 12:00 your high today topping out in the '70s but we might squeeze out some 80 is as well.
6:49 am
your highness will get into 78 about 10 degrees cooler than that in san francisco. 81 in fairfield and concord. the '80s in places like india 82 degrees up for '70s for san jose and 75 in mountain view. your 7 day around the bay highlights a cooling trend which will cool off significantly by one state. after the first day of fall we see things warm up. here's a check gone traffic with america. >> (hot spot along 580 slowing beginning on 2 05 well before tracy. we're not in the red until you reach livermore. speed stepping down to 50 mi. an hour. the rights to sell. we see green
6:50 am
as you approach a 580-680 interchange. the back up his standing has ca 88 over cross traffic backed up towards the maize 80 the approach pretty jammed packed right now those mitterrand lights have been cycled on. six minute delays at three westbound ride. no problems on the san mateo bridge it is clearing up outside traffic moving as well as it did at 4:00 a.m. taillights making their way in the commit direction towards foster city looking at 14 minutes from and to lend. : dave bridge we are seeing slowing of their but traffic still moving well considering some of our other hot spots. now looking at 3 minute delays in making your way southbound in to city. >> last week we broke the story about a major flaw in the clipper card system. stanley
6:51 am
roberts followed up to see how riders responded to the flaw. >> thaw is as you can use your hand i sought on a new spirit >> it didn't take long for people to read get to the civic center to try the trick. on thursday i showed you the flaw discovered on the clipper system raise your hand near the sensor you can ride for free. >> ok all do it >> at paul st. there were little over half a dozen attempts. >> its $85 ticket ok. that's a fair aid station. >> many officials say it's new to them but a source inside many told me they knew about it during training classes. the truth is even without the flaw on the clipper system people have been exploiting the system in many ways. like this man
6:52 am
walking through the gate the woman used to exit. after seeing my camera it tries to grab it out of my hands. or this man who walks up opens a fair gates to let his girl read me without paying. or the classic walking through the exit and heading down to the train but not paying the fare. >> is as you can use your hand i saw on the news. >> below is have a problem with fare evaders. >> daily roberts kron 4 news. >> we will be right back fog pretty thick out there this morning we're getting a lot more ground fog in the valleys.
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the weak first day of fall comes in thursday and that's when we suddenly rocketed back close to 90 friday this week and much warmer. >> watching it wall street dow jones continuing with modest gains. baseball jose hit the grand slam and run three runs. there is seen no one for the first time in two months as the giants regained first place in the national league west. >> that was a fine catch. >> 6 innings he recorded a first winds the july 16th. >> guizot's pigeon nicely lately. >> the giants off to chicago for
6:57 am
three game series. >> yesterday the raiders had the first home game and they looked sharp. the raiders had three scoring drives. coach tom has not said who will be starting as quarterback next week. >> on to the 49ers home opener tonight taking on new orleans saints as of 530 at candlestick. >> at the weekend box office than #one flight was the town. the one with ban than affleck directing. opening in second place ec a it's about a teenage girl who surrounds herself with
6:58 am
well i don't want a get into it. it's about save. 80 million. the devil made 12 and a half million. >> we will be right back to kron 4 continues until 11:00 a.m.. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china.
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